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Civil Lawyer Services

Our expert Civil lawyers Services can help:

  • Civil Injunctions including Permanent and Mandatory Injunctions

  • Suit for Declaration before civil courts

  • Suit for Partition, Suit for Recovery of money

  • Suit for recovery of civil damages

  • Suit for recovery of possession

  • Civil defamation suit

  • Breach of contract matters arising out of business and commercial transactions.

  • Recovery of business dues, supply chain disputes, damages arising out of loss of goods.

  • Civil law advises on all civil law matters by team of highly qualified and expert Indian Civil Lawyers.

  • Online legal advice and legal services for civil laws by expert Indian civil lawyer for quick and easy resolution of civil disputes.

  • Civil law covers and administers various aspects about administrating the contracts and other legal aspects as a whole except any such cases which don’t fall under the purview of the criminal law or family law.

In simpler words, cases that fall under non-criminal legal proceedings involving any Individual, Firm, Company, or Organization which includes

  • Application for seeking Interim maintenance and expenses by wife

  • Application for restitution of conjugal rights

  • Suit for partition of the joint property owned jointly by husband and wife

Civil Lawyer Services: About
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